My work is basically “fountain” photography. I work with constructed apparatus and sets to create short lived sculptural liquid events. Whether it’s a finely detailed flower or a complicated surreal environment with peculiar other worldly life forms, the essence is in the liquid formations.  These events occur in just a fraction of a second and are captured with high speed photography. The works are original in concept and completion.


My aim is to produce the image in a single photographic capture. Digital composition is not used to produce even the most complex formations. My primary goal as an artist and photographer is to create the most visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing images possible. While there is much serendipity and chaos, the concept of what I am trying to achieve is rigorously planned. The art is very much in the process of creating these images. A bit of performance, a dance with fluids, technology and photography. They become very temporary three-dimensional sculptures. Photography, through composition and lighting, are the only means to view these very brief events.


While various apparatus are integral to the work, it’s the concerted goal of creating a work of art by using the best quality photographic equipment at my disposal as well as using the skills I’ve gained from being a photographer for thirty-five years. Pre-visualization, construction and the application of all of my skills are the foundation of the work.